Understanding How Active Listening Can Help Drive Sales


One of the most effective communication skills that helps create the perfect rapport between the speaker and the listener is active listening. Active listening is the opposite of passive listening where you are unconsciously listening (or not listening at all). Active listening means the listener is paying very close attention to the speaker's choice of words, their body language and their tone of voice. Remember, these are the key things that make up effective communication. Through active listening, the listener can absorb all of the said components and starts to repeat the words back to the speaker highlighting the most important points based on how the listener has understood the whole concept. 


As mentioned, it is through active listening that a rapport is built between the speaker and the listener. When the listener is listening actively, it means they are paying enough attention to what is being said. The sales world can significantly benefit from active listening hence this is a vital skill for businesses today that are looking to make a much-needed sale. See, under normal circumstances, most prospects would be ignored or talked down since the main focus is on making the sale and not necessarily making the purchase. Once a salesperson shows the buyer they value their opinion and needs; it becomes far much easier to build trust. The result of this is a mutually beneficial experience.


Active listening is also a good way to avoid miscommunication and misrepresentation and interpretation of facts. See, it is a back and forth communication where the listener gets an opportunity to summarize the conversation as they reiterate back those key points. The speaker will also get an opportunity to make corrections on anything that may not have been understood correctly by the listener. Know more about effective listening in this page.


That said, it should be mentioned very few people, and in particular, salespeople, are good listeners. They are accustomed to doing all the talking to convince a prospect to close the sale. Going by the benefits of active listening in boosting the sales of a company. It would be imperative that teams in an organization take time and effort to break the bad habits associated with poor listening habits. This may mean seeking professional guidance and support from a service provider that has specialized in perfecting listening skills. By the end of the day, such professional guidance can help foster and promote good communication skills that end up driving sales through the roof, literally. Know more about sales listening here.


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